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Five schools in Alabama where Trump held maskless rally have to close and go remote

… no ICU beds, another super spreader?

School districts in Cullman County in Alabama have had to close and go to remote classes after the number of cases of Covid spiked after a maskless rally held by Republicans last week.

At least one third of the students were absent on Wednesday, causing the move to remote.

Due to increasing COVID-19 numbers, some Cullman County Schools will be transitioning to remote learning.

Good Hope Primary, Good Hope Elementary, Good Hope Middle, Good Hope High and Parkside K-8 will begin remote learning on Friday.

Friday night's West Point, Good Hope varsity football game has been canceled with no plans to reschedule.

According to a statement from Superintendent Shane Barnette, officials continue to monitor COVID-19 numbers at the systems 29 campuses and make appropriate adjustments. As of Wednesday, student absences due to either a positive COVID test, or because they have been identified as a close contact, is reaching one-third.

Students at Good Hope and Parkside will come to school Thursday to pick up assigned equipment and materials needed for remote learning. The current plan is for students to return to campus on Friday, September 10. Once students return from remote learning, masks will be required at the affected campuses for one week. During this one-week period, we will evaluate the numbers on each of these campuses. In the event any school has absences of 15 percent, masks will be required.

“5 Cullman Country School to temporarily transition to remote

learning,” Cullman Times, August 25, 2021

Why? The authorities in that county warned about the dangers of holding that rally, but they were ignored,

According to the latest figures from the New York Times, Cullman has experienced a 124 percent increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations over the last 14 days — among the largest jumps in the state.

Prior to Trump's rally, health officials said they were "shivering in their boots" about the prospect of a COVID-19 surge in the wake of not only Trump's rally, but also a Rock the South concert held at the same venue the weekend before.

City officials also declared a state of emergency in advance of Trump's rally, with the state running out of ICU beds.

John Wright, “Five schools close due to rising Covid cases in Alabama town

that hosted Trump rally,” Raw Story, August 26, 2021

You could say that it is Alabama and they deserve it, but do the kids?

Obviously not.

Cullman Schools Superintendent Shane Barnett

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