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A great Christmas present! Free English and Communications tutoring for 2022

Do you have problems writing essays or papers in high school or college?

Do you want to improve your SAT and ACT verbal/English language scores?

Do you have a desire to prepare to write essays for entrance into

college — and for early decisions?

Do you desire to improve your public speaking skills?

Do you still have problems with grammar and punctuation?

What I am doing at this stage of my educational career is helping

students improve in those areas — and in others.

Tutoring at a great price

In addition, after some research, I also realize that finding tutoring

at an affordable price is challenging. Some online services charge

between 75 and 90 dollars an hour.

That is ridiculous, and I am offering for about 66 percent less than

that. I have been tutoring online for about 18 months after teaching

English — and history — on the college and high school level since


That is why I charge only $25 an hour.

Special offer

However, as a special introductory offer, I am giving potential

clients a free first session — to see if it will work. This could

include an assessment by parents and students as to whether or not

they think that they tutoring will help.

I am doing this only because I enjoy helping the young students

improve. When they tell me that they have never earned an A in high

school English until they started working with me — then I feel very

good about what I am doing — and so do they.

When I hear students say that they have been accepted to college or

graduate schools after working with me on their essays, I feel good —

and so do they.

Quite a few of my students are in honors or AP classes, while quite a

few others are English second-language young people who just want to

improve their writing or grammatical skills.

I also work with adults who are in the workplace. For instance, I

helped a young man in a large metropolitan area who is an immigrant

from Central America improve his writing and grammatical skills so

that he is now a management-level employee — and earning much more

money — than he did previously.

That makes me feel good — and he is ecstatic.

Take advantage of this offer

In order to see what I am doing, take a look at my new website that I

had designed and opened a few weeks ago. It gives you much more

information and provides contact information for you.

And, if you sign up in December for a three-session package — with the

first one free — you will also receive a second free session.

I just enjoy working with young people — and those not so young.

Here is the link to the website: “Reaching for the Stars Tutoring with

Hugh Conrad”

Thanks — and good luck!

"Hugh is an amazing tutor!! He understood what I needed, and worked

efficiently and professionally. I loved working with him and am

looking forward to working together more in the future. "

A college junior from New York, November 2022

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