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Improve your English & Communication Skills

Individual, One-on-One Tutoring with an Experienced Educator

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Are you ready to start writing your college application essays?

We have helped students enter medical school, veterinary school, physical therapy programs, and college. 

Core Subjects

Individual, One-on-One Online Tutoring Sessions in the following areas:


Essays, Research Papers, Simple Paragraphs, Literary Analysis, College Writing, Creative Writing, and Journalism.


Every aspect from parts of speech to more complicated matters like tense and structure. This can include punctuation and aspects included in the ACT and SAT.

College Preparation

Writing College Common App and Supplemental Essays,

Oral Presentations

Includes all elements of public speaking and presentations: helping to develop confidence, clarity and poise to present to anyone, anywhere.

Reading Comprehension

Work on improving skills through use of state exams. Read and analyze novels, short stories, and articles.

American History

Includes everything from the settlement of America to the 21st Century, bringing complicated concepts to life with interactive exercises and practice questions.

About Hugh


A native of Lilly, Pennsylvania, Hugh Conrad has worked as an educator for approximately 40 years. He first taught in high school in 1974, but his background also features experience as a writer, a coach, a community leader, and a public relations and marketing consultant.

Mr. Conrad has worked with students at every level, from sixth grade to graduate degree students.

He earned academic honors at Pennsylvania State University such as the President’s Freshman Book Award and Phi Beta Kappa while focusing on three subjects: history, English, and political science.


He then pursued English graduate studies, along with education and law, at a number of schools including Penn State, Villanova, and St. Francis College (now University).


Mr. Conrad has worked as a free-lance writer since 1986, and his articles and columns have appeared in magazines and newspapers. He has also been a blogger since 2008.

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What Happy
Students Say

"Mr. Conrad is not only a brilliant writer, but he is one of the most positive, supportive teachers I've ever had! I will most definitely be requesting him as my tutor in the future because of how dedicated he is to everything he does and how much he has helped me grow!​"

A current college freshman

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