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Traveling through the Horseshoe Curve for the first time … with the fall foliage

Not my photo, but courtesy of Alamy

I discovered a few years ago that traveling from Cambria County to Philadelphia was better by train than by air. However, while I have traveled east to Philadelphia and New York City quite a few times, I always left from Altoona.

The Amtrak ride is actually very nice, but this year, I chose to begin my ride to the Philly suburbs from Johnstown.

The reason that I chose to leave from Johnstown was simple. As many times as I have been to the Horseshoe Curve, I have never traveled through it by train. This gave me that opportunity — and during a beautiful time with the fall foliage still looking great.

This was a great decision, even though the windows were somewhat dirty. I was still able to see much of the area around the Curve and realize why those who constructed it back in the 1850s or so were forced to go around nature’s trail, instead of building a bridge over it — which would have been impossible.

Other places

Now, I also had the opportunity to go through my hometown of Lilly, but it was so fast, I think that I missed what I was hoping to see. Did see Cresson, though and went through the Gallitzin Tunnel for the first time, which was neat.

I also saw Route 22 from the train while my previous views have been of the train from the auto.

Overall, it was a great trip, except that Amtrak’s internet service was down — which is why I am sharing this a day later.

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