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The third annual Lilly Raiders Football Championships Reunion—featuring 1986 team

Members of the 67-69 teams from first reunion

Mark the date: Sunday, Oct. 22, Lilly American Legion

The Lilly Raiders football championships are cemented in the68, and 1969. minds of many people despite the passage of four or five decades.

This year, we will hold the third annual event that will feature the 1986 team, the fifth one to be so honored. The first one included just the three undefeated teams of the 1960s — 1967, 1968, and 1969.

Last year, we added the 1964 and 1972 teams.

I have talked with the coach of the 1986 team, Emil Campagna, who gave the names of that 1986 team.

Here is that roster:

Scott Adams

Terry Claar

Mike Kertes

Paul Mardula

Bob Trybus

Jim DelGrande

Ray Guzic

Tom McMullan

Francis Hartline

John Barlick

Dan Sweeneyx

Justin Wheelerxx

Brian Dupirock

Bill Conley

Harold Kertes

Kevin Krull

Sean Davison

Carmen Felus

Mike Tremel

Ian Daugherty

Don Kukla

Chris DelGrande

Cory Filo

Jason Monborne

Jesse Guzic

Steve Kertes

Members of all other championship teams are invited, but we would like to have RSVPs. You can do that at

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