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The first Lilly Raiders championship: 1964

Players: Front, L to R: Dave Thrower, Bernie George, Paul Campagna, John Giblock, Earl Tickerhoof, Bob Tickerhoof, and Fred Stossel. QB: John Inman/ Back: Buster Bucynski, Ron Martynuska, Francis (Cheech) Albarano.

… Remembering those years

John Inman remembers that accomplishment well. He was the quarterback on the 1964 Lilly Raiders football championship team — and his father, Jack, was the coach.

John brought back all of the regalia and memories of those years with his presentation at the Lilly Raider football reunion on Sunday, Oct. 22.

The photo of that team above is also very special — and John identified all of the starters on that team.

John Inman presentation

However, John also said that the 1963 team may have actually been better — though they missed a title by a few inches.

The start of the Lilly Raiders

One member of the first Lilly Raiders team was present: George Klayko, who later had a distinguished career as a running back at the former Lilly-Washington High School and played at Mansfield College.

George had talked about the formation of the Raiders last year, and this year, John presented some of the backstory about how the Raiders were formed after his father had looked at a flag football game on the Lilly Level field a year before that.

John also talked in detail about that special 1964 team, though feeling sad that four of the starters on that team have passed away.

This was a great recollection, and we thank John for bringing the memories, both literal and figurative, of those years back to us.

Honoring Jack Inman: John Inman, Diane (Inman) Campagna, Hugh Conrad

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