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The family of Camillo and Maria (Defante) Brisini of Scanlan Hill, near Lilly. Pa.

Camillo and Maria (Defante) Brisini were immigrants who were born in Italy, and like so many who yearned to travel from Europe to America, they possessed dreams of building a family and a happy life in the U.S.A.

Indeed, they eventually settled in an area of Cambria County just south of Lilly, Pa. It was familiarly called “Scanlan Hill,” and it was located in Washington Township.

The home that they made was located on a hillside, and the Brisini’s set up housekeeping on a farm where their nine children could grow up into young adults. The Brisini's learned the English language, and Camillo became a coal miner..

However, they knew that their children would have to attend school and become educated in order to be successful.

What is significant about the Brisini family story is that three of the children not only earned bachelor’s degrees, but also earned degrees that gave them Dr. before their names.

One medical doctor and two dentists out of nine children.

That is quite a tribute to parents who came to America seeking that dream.

All of them returned to Cambria County after earning their degrees and set up practices there, and in a future posting, I will go over their lives in more detail..

In addition, others in the family from children to grandchildren to great-grandchildren have earned degrees and advanced degrees, and they have built great lives for themselves.

The names of the children are on the picture above, from left to right: Natalie, Theresa, Sam, Camillo (father), Nicholas with Pat in front, Maria (mother) with John on her lap, Frances, Lawrence.

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