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Ron Cook: Steeler fans are delusional

This is not delusional.

Post-Gazette columnist hated to pour water on the party, but he was less than enthralled with the Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0 preseason record. In fact, he was downright blunt when he stated that the team would not make the playoffs again of the first time in what, five years? Seven years?

Would not win a Super Bowl for the first time in 15 years.

The Steelers were once one of the great franchises in the NFL.

No longer.

Cook analysis

Here is part of what he said,

I’m not quite ready to buy into the hysterical hype surrounding the Steelers, based mostly on their strong offensive showing in three wins in three meaningless exhibition games. I’m not quite willing to think Kenny Pickett will become a Top 10 quarterback this season after ranking 24th in completion percentage and 33rd in passer rating last season despite his heroics on late-season, game-winning drives against the Las Vegas Raiders and Baltimore Ravens. And I’m definitely not ready to think Matt Canada will become the NFL’s next play-calling genius after his offense averaged just 18.1 points per game last season and was described as “amateurish” and “Saturday-ish” by a couple of league insiders.

Ron Cook, "Am I the only one hitting the brakes on Steelers'

Hype Train?" Post Gazette, Sept. 9, 2023

I hope he is wrong about Kenny Pickett

In reality, I think that the one aspect that may help the Steelers is Kenny Pickett. He might be the real deal, but Cook is not buying it,

I turned on ESPN late last week and heard the experts gush about Pickett. Louis Riddick, an unapologetic Pitt man, said, “The guy is ready to explode.” Harry Douglas said, “I love Kenny Pickett.” And this from Damien Woody: “If Kenny Pickett is anything like he was in the preseason, a lot of teams are going to be in trouble.”

Pickett was superb in those three games. He led five drives that produced five touchdowns. He had nice touchdown passes down the middle to George Pickens and Pat Freiermuth. He had equally impressive deep sideline throws to Diontae Johnson and Pickens. His passer rating was a perfect 158.3.

Ron Cook, Post Gazette, Sept. 9, 2023

Chuck Noll, there was a Hall of Fame coach

Yes, Chuck Noll did not have winning seasons in all of his years. All he did was win four Super Bowls in six years.

That will never happen again, but many Steeler fans believe that Mike Tomlin is better than Noll.

That is truly delusional.

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