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Remember the joy of those majestic snows in Western Pa. in the ‘50s and ‘60s?

… "So, when kids today look outside and then run to their video games..."

As adults, those of us in west-central Pennsylvania despised snow because we had to drive in it or shovel it.

Actually, despite not liking the driving, I always loved snow for its majesty and beauty. The photo above is from the backyard of our home in Lilly, Pa. What you cannot see are the hills that are to the rear and side of the house.

That hill was where we used to sled ride and ski as children, and those were joyous days for my younger sister, Mary Kay, and I. No doubt, my older siblings loved them too, but my brother was nine years older and sister eight, so we never really enjoyed those activities with them. They were already teenagers and had better things to do.

So, while the Western Pa-ers prepare for a big snow storm, it will probably not equal those two or three feet that we received in the past. The last of those was about 1992, and it dumped about 40 inches of snow on the area.

My sister Kay and I enjoying the snow back in the 50s or 60s

No snow days for us

Regardless of the amount of snow, since we had small school districts at the time and went to St. Brigid’s School, we rarely had a snow day. I do remember one day, though.

We must have received about a foot of snow, and we told our mother that school was going to be cancelled. Guess what she said, “They don’t cancel school.” She was a teacher but had given up for a while to raise us.

And she came from Harrisburg, where they did not receive much snow. So, she could easily walk to St. Patrick’s School which was not far from her Locust Street home.

When she moved to Lilly, Pa. in 1929, it must have been culture shock.

So, we had to walk about a quarter to a half mile to the school. My friend Tim Salony and his family, who lived next door to St. Brigid's, were allowed to stay home. We walked to school -- and back.

No bus for us.

However, for us as youngsters, the snow was something that provided joy.

So, when kids today look outside and then run to their video games and electronics, they do not know what they are missing.

We sure remember it.

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