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Penn State suspends 117 unvaccinated students who refused Covid testing

Penn State directions to testing.

… that was part of the deal

Penn State president Eric Barron did not require students to be vaccinated with the Covid 19 dose, but almost 86 percent of those at the University Park campus have done so.

If they did not, they must submit to weekly testing, and if they fail to do so, they will face major sanctions.

Just ask the 117 who are no longer permitted on campus or to attend classes or football games or any other events.

Tried to warn them

This is simply a means of trying to remain open and prevent other students who have taken the vaccine from contracting the virus since those vaccinated can still fall to the virus,

Some 117 Penn State students who are unvaccinated and/or haven’t submitted proof of their COVID vaccination have been put on temporary suspension by the university after missing several consecutive weeks of testing.

That means they cannot attend classes, visit campus or attend university-related activities like football games. Suspended University Park students living on campus must also find other temporary housing arrangements, the university announced Tuesday.

“It’s important that both students and employees comply with our testing requirement, and we have done everything we reasonably can to ensure that these students are aware of their obligation and do what they must to honor it,” Damon Sims, vice president for Student Affairs, said in a written statement. “The last thing we want is to suspend them.

“I’m sorry these students did not follow our repeated admonitions and warnings, and I hope they will make the correction necessary. Others should not repeat their mistake, and everyone who can be should be vaccinated and should upload their data to us as soon as possible.”

Josh Moyer, “Penn State suspends 117 students without proof of COVID vaccination for missing required testing,” Centre-Daily Times, September 22, 2021

Penn State attempted to avoid the mandate of the vaccine while “heavily incentivizing” it.

A “last resort”

The students had been warned over and over about their failure, and when some were told the consequences, they were tested.

Others, however, ignored it, at their peril,

Penn State has chosen not to mandate the COVID vaccine, choosing to instead “heavily incentivize” it while requiring weekly testing of those who have not uploaded proof of vaccination. Some 85.8% of University Park students have so far indicated they are vaccinated.

As Sims noted, Penn State has tried to use the interim suspensions as a last resort. In addition to weekly emails, the university said it reached out via phone last week to every student who missed three consecutive tests — and “brought several hundred students into compliance.”

The 117 students on interim suspension can only see that lifted after uploading proof of vaccination or completing a COVID-19 test. If a student falls out of compliance a second time, they will be unable to have another interim suspension lifted.

The university said that human resources is currently looking into faculty and staff who have fallen out of compliance.

Josh Moyer, Centre-Daily Times, September 22, 2021

Penn State is to be commended for attempting to protect its students. Other schools in the U.S. should take note.

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