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My trip to Pa. resulted in losing 11 Covid-induced pounds since May, and swimming was the key

… back to my high school weight

Numbers do not lie, so when the scale on Tuesday read a tad over 175 pounds, I was ecstatic. Those 11 pounds that I had gained during Covid, despite walking and working out, were gone.

So, my three-week stay in the Keystone State, when I lost the vast majority of them, were productive. I figured that I swam in the pool about 30 times, morning, afternoon, and evening — mostly morning and evening.

That included about 40 laps primarily using the breast stroke, and it really did a great deal of good for me. It helped that I started watching my diet much better, and that is now the challenge for me — to keep it there.

The very good news is that over a period of four years, I had lost more than 40 pounds after I let my weight go in the 2000s and 2010s. I was as low as 167, but felt that I looked entirely too skinny. So, I let myself go back to 175, which is about where I am today.

Thanks for Kent and Anne for use of their pool, and to Grace for the use of hers. Now, I am back on the Nordic Track and starting to get back to my walking about five miles a day or four on the NT.

And, I have to stay away from Pizza and sweets. An occasional one, but no more than that.

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