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My lenten “return” to normal: Exercise is the key

… from oatmeal to Nordic Track

The first part of my return — instead of giving up — for Lent included going back to a good, healthy diet.

I mentioned that I was eating more eggs than oatmeal, and that is not healthy, though eggs are good for you. Oatmeal is just better.

The other part of my health return is something that I have left go for a few months. That is exercise.

I could blame the weather for not walking, but I have one of these machines in my bedroom that I had been using regularly, particularly in the winter.

So, yesterday and today, I return to the Nordic Track that one of my physicians of the past called “the best cardio workout you can use.”

Now, with the weather improving — albeit slightly — I might be able to start walking outside along with the inside work.

I have done 30 plank pushups and some work with weights too, and I feel so much better in fewer than two days.

So, this is what I have returned to for Lent, Father Martin, and now I will talk a little about the Book of Matthew to which I am returning.

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