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My ancestry and ethnicity keeps changing: Now 92 percent Irish — an increase of five percent

I trace some of my Irish lineage to Edgeworthtown, County Longford

… but Conrad is a German name

Well, I guess that the good news is that I have little Germanic genes in me. What still puzzles me from the ancestry estimate based on my DNA is that does not list Germany as a source of any of my DNA, unless it could be considered part of “Northwestern Europe.”

So, the new count is rather straightforward:

Ireland 92 percent

Scotland 4 percent

Norway 2 percent

England and Northwestern Europe 2 percent

No Germany.?

Even though Conrad is the Americanized version of the German Konrad,

Conrad Family History

Conrad Name Meaning

Americanized spelling of German Konrad. In some cases the name may be French in origin, from the French form of the same name, or alternatively it may be an Americanized form of any of the various cognates in other languages, such as Dutch Koenraad or Czech Konrád.

Despite that, Ancestry notes that their finding is based on the DNA or 18,497 people who are matches with me.

Conrad traces to Alsace-Lorraine

I have traced some of the Conrad tree to an area that was then known as Alsace-Lorraine, which is now known as Alsace-Mosella and is located in France.

However, no direct DNA ties to France, either. Alsace-Lorraine was captured by Germany in 1871, but that was after the Conrads came to America. We can trace the Conrad line to Eastern Pennsylvania in the 1830s, and my direct lineage finds that the Conrads came to Lilly in the 1850s. Our old homestead was built in 1859.

No problem with Irish ancestry

When I sent in the DNA, I guess that the Irish match would be between 85 and 88 percent based on family trees. My first analysis said that I was 87 percent Irish. Then, it was raised to 94, and now it is 92.

So, how do they determine this? explains how they determine this, though it does not present an idea of how it can vary so much within a period of five years,

How do we come up with your estimate?

To figure out your ethnicity regions, we compare your DNA to a reference panel made up of DNA from groups of people who have deep roots in one region. We look at 1,001 sections of your DNA and assign each section to the ethnicity region it looks most like. Then we turn those results into the percentages you see in your estimate. Your genetic link to these ethnicities can go back hundreds of years or even more.

Genetic Communities

I am connected to six genetic communities, according to the new data from Ancestry,

Your DNA connects you to 6 genetic communities.

Communities form when we identify AncestryDNA members whose ancestors probably came from the same place or cultural group.

1. New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania settlers

2. Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Northern West Virginia, and Maryland settlers.

3. Central Ireland, 1775-1950

4. Munster, Ireland 1775-1950

5. Northern Mid-Atlantic settlers

6. Ulster, Ireland 1775-1950

Edgeworthtown in the 1800s a little after my grandmother, Katie Brady Conrad,

left there in 1881.

So, that is the latest chapter in the DNA Chronicles of Hugh Brady Conrad, Jr.

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