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Memories of Lilly: Joe Skura, Denny and Geri (Lytle) Lazar, Susan Andrews Johnston

Joe Skura

I grew up in “Upper Dutchtown” - Farmer’s Turnpike. I loved so much about growing up in Lilly.

First, my cousin, Niki Shedlock, lived just down the hill. We would spend so many summer days walking to Barbie’s store, Albarano’s, and getting a cold treat and some candy.

We often okayed pick-up softball games behind the Penn Cambria Middle School (now the Intermediate School), and games of “Spotlight” at night.

In the summer, we were excited about the carnival. Lilly Library always had the summer program, too. Cresson Girls’ Softball’s program had my sisters playing, while most Lilly girls were on the Marcie’s Salon team.

In the winter, the Lilly Basketball Tournament at the middle school was a big deal for the basketballers and cheerleaders - and fans! I spent many years at that.

Mainly though, the people of Lilly are seriously the best. There are so many kind, genuine people who were just “good” and made Lilly the best place to grow up in!

Denny and Geri (Lytle) Lazar

One of my favorite memories of Christmas in Lilly was service at St Luke’s on Christmas Eve. My Mom was the organist when I was young and so we of course were at church by 10:00 pm for the carols that started at 10:30. Then of course the service that culminated in the church members all sharing the lighting of individual candles , the church darkened and walking out into the night singing Silent night. Oh and when it snowed, it was even more magical.

After moving from Lilly, coming home for Christmas and seeing the big pine trees all lit up with colored lights at St Bridget’s.

Susan Andrews Johnston

Grew up on Jones St in the ‘50’s. Many cousins nearby, so always someone to hang with. Especially enjoyed the endless summers, blueberry popsicles, the 15 cent movies, the playground, walking through the woods to the blueberry patch. Ate more than we picked, and field day at the ball field. And some heavy winter snows, snowball fights, sledding down the street. All great memories…

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