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Lilly-Washington High School Class of 1966: 55th+ Reunion in October

George and I appear to be sleeping, but we are alive and well

and we are planning for 55+!

This was just something that came to us a few months ago. Our class, the final one of the former Lilly-Washington High School in May 1966, had missed our 55th reunion in 2021 because of Covid.

“Why not have it this year?” Romie Robine asked me.

“Why not?” I replied.

“Just not in summer,” Romie asked.

We talked about the fall being a nice time for it, and then I talked with our classmate George Klayko. I asked if he could find some place in which we could have it in October.

The result? Oct. 22, Lilly American Legion, time tentatively set a 6 p.m.

We tried to avoid Penn State football and other conflicts, but we hope that this will work.

Where did my contact info go?

We had only 54 in our class, and some have passed on. I have marked only those I am certain have passed.

Our problem? I had contact information from our 50th Reunion that I cannot find. So I am relying on social media and the telephone and word of mouth to do so.

To find some information or talk about it, my email is

Looking forward to it.

Class Roster

However, we could use some help. Here is the list of classmates from that year.

Class of 1966 (maiden names for most)

Anna Marie Behe

Fred Behe*

Ruth Ann Behe

Diane Bradley*

James Cannon

Mary Cassidy (Kertes)

Hugh Conrad

Elva Costlow

Linda Doyle (Wheeler)

Jeanie Dupirack (Erzal

Carol Funari*

Bob Galus

Joanne Giblock

Linda Glenn (Behe)

Carol Glista

Gary Godish

Ray Guzic*

Jack Hartline

Dan Hite

Alfred Hritz

Ed Huffed

Frank Kawtoski

Barb Ketchessin (Psyher)

George Klayko

Bob Kuckenbrod*

Fred Kuntz

Mary Jean Lassak

Helen Lingafelt

Linda Marks

Patty Martynuska (Oravec)

Bill McCool*

Kiernan McDermott

Kathy Moyer

Marilyn Muldoon (Krisko)

Donna Nagy (Hritz)

Joe Panek

Tim Panek

Romie Robine

John Robine

Jeannie Seno (Reitz)

Mike Seno

Richard Slebodnick

Joe Stauski

Pete Steberger

Jim Steberger*

Lillian Stewart

Larry Summerville

Norm Thrower

Darlene Tutsock (Luckenbill)

Victor Weatherwalk

Bruce Wheeler

Darnell Yarnish (Steberger)

John Zentack

John Roles

Ed Ruffing

Harry Ruffing*

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