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Lilly-Washington Class of 1966 55+ Reunion on Friday, Oct. 20

From the 1966 Yearbook

… hoping for a joyful reunion

We are hoping for another great reunion of the Lilly-Washington High School Class of 1966.

To many who can remember the former LWHS, you may realize that 1966 was the last class to graduate before the Penn Cambria High School became the merger of Lilly, Cresson, and Gallitzin high schools.

During Covid, we were not able to have our 55th reunion because of the pandemic. So, two years later, despite it being 57 years ago, we will have another reunion.


Friday, Oct. 20, Happy Hour at 6, Dinner at 7

Lilly American Legion

Free: No charge — it is all covered.

Chair: George Klayko

Problem: We misplaced or iCloud misplaced our contact information and we have not been able to find everyone.

We expect about 25 people, and since it is all covered, we can take last minute reservations.

So, everyone is welcome, but please let us know either through Facebook or at my email:

My cell: 814-977-1077.

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