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Lilly Raider Football Champions Reunion 2023: Oct. 22, Lilly Legion—one change

The Lilly Raiders will hold their third annual football champions reunion this month, though one change is in the works. This one will honor the same teams as last year: 1964, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1972.

The inclusion of the 1986 team will not take place this year but will hopefully be held next summer.

This year's festivities will be held on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. at the Lilly American Legion.

All are welcome, including wives or other family member.

Here are the members from some of those years:


John Inman, Paul Bart (dec), Buster Bucynski (dec.), Paul Campagna, Bernie George (dec.), John Gides, John Hooder, Ron Martynuska, Mike McIntosh, Phil Shedlock, Mike Seno, Larry Sibis, Charlie Siuniak, Bob Tickerhoof, Dave Thrower, Cheech Albarano, Sam Albarano, Reg Tremel,


Joe Sweeney, Bob Sloan, Dave Sibis, Tim Tickerhoof, Bob Funari (dec.), Denny Lazar, Fred Bart (dec.)


Pat McCoy, Dave McLucas, John Sweeney, Chet Beres (dec.), Bob Mardula, Tony Stopka, Don Beck, Gary Nagy, Terry McGarry, Ron Sibis (dec.),

1969: Dave Stossel (dec), Joe Miesko, Jerry Segada, Dave Monahan, Stush Trybus, Joe Inman, John Conrad (dec), Dan Sibis, Whitey McCabe, Rick Nadolsky, Tom Sweeney.

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