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“Leave it to Beaver”: How Beaver’s babysitter became a playboy model — seriously

The most wholesome entertainment ever — Beaver, Wally, June, and Ward

As I have been trying to recover from some terrible bug over Christmas, I looked for some good wholesome entertainment to pull me through the travail.

Indeed, on Prime Video I found that I can rent individual programs of the iconic show entitled “Leave it to Beaver.” I found that they are still funny, wholesome, and a tremendous reflection of what society was like back in the 1950s.

With the garbage that passes for entertainment today, these shows not only provide a great lesson for young people, but they illustrate what happens when loving parents attempt to give proper direction to their children.

However, as I was skimming through looking for interesting shows, I saw this little tidbit on one of those movie outlets,

“Leave it to Beaver babysitter became a Playboy model.”

Not exactly what you would call wholesome. So, what would an inquiring mind discover? Was this just a sleazy come-on typical of 21st Century entertainment?

First, I found when the program aired, and on Prime I was able to track down the show. It was a very funny one typical of the problems in which Beaver found himself.


What happened to Beaver was that his parents were going out for the evening and Wally had a date. June, the mother, did not want 12-year-old Beaver to stay home alone.

The short story is that June convinced Ward, his father, that Beaver should have a baby-sitter. Enter a beautiful young woman who was only a few years older than Beaver, and he immediately despised her.

The short version is that Beaver’s friends came over to see the babysitter, who hid from them, allowing Beaver to give them the impression he was home alone.

So, Beav and the babysitter, Judy, got along fine.

Who was she?

After looking at the name of the young woman, I did a quick Wiki bio on the actress. Indeed, what was on the website was true. The young woman became famous for two appearances: a starring appearance in the widely-panned but very popular “Valley of the Dolls,” and another in the TV version of “Peyton Place.”

After these, or in-between them, this young woman did a number of shootings for Playboy. She never did much of value after those, but his babysitter did indeed engage in some risqué shots after that appearance on Beaver.

Does not detract from the wholesome power of the show, but it was an interesting tidbit.

I watched about ten shows, and they are indeed entertaining. One of my favorite shows of all time.

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