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Having 400,000 read your blog should be a time for joy, but this time, it is not

Big Brother Google

I chuckle when I read that some were considering Joe Biden’s America to be similar to that of “1984.”

Most of them have never read the book, nor do they know anything about George Orwell.

I do, and I consider corporate Big Brotherism to be as deleterious to our democracy as that of Oceania.

In fact, I am writing on this blog because even though I have had hundreds of thousands of people read my blogs, most over the past five years, I am not shut out — perhaps forever — from my blogspot account HughBradyConrad for a reason that they have not deigned to share with me.

I like this blog, but the truth is that my numbers are way down, partly because I had so many readers from across the world who now do not know about my new blog and website.

I will have to work on that, and I am considering ways to do that. Some of them are so interesting that many people will want to read the blog — I hope.

None, however, from overseas will join us.

The numbers as of October 15, 2021

Here are the numbers from blogspot as of mid-October:

HughBradyConrad 320,253

Community of Matthew 3,201

Still Crazy 78,662

Totals 402,116

Over the past three months, I had only 62 page views on my blog, and they were all by me since I am the only one who has access to them.

Compare that to last November when I had more than 9.000 page views in a month.

They claim that I had a terms of service violation, but any organization that disallows a person to express his opinion has an obligation to tell the person why they have done so.

I built the other one from having only 315 page views in June 201r to my largest month ever, 11,981 two years later. I just had to figure how to market it.

Future for Wix

So, what I have to do is change my approach to my blog and learn how to market this one.

My first step is to analyze the data and determine what people really like. The top four posts include the Lilly shootings of 1975 [3,760], the first girls basketball team at Lilly High School [3,560] and then two eulogies, Dr. Mike Tatarko [2,630] and Jerry Roberts [2,000].

Completing the top 10 is one about Tom Brady receiving a $2 million Covid-19 loan from the government, about former Judge Joe O’Kicki being a missing link in the Ray Gricar case, a eulogy for Jim “Buzzy” Behe, about a Port Matilda couple who asked people to take action about suicide after their son took his own life, and two stories about the Lilly KKK riot in 1924, the trial of two Italian immigrants and about how these KKK invaders were not “good, decent people.”

So, what that tells me is that ones that have a personal, historical, or local tie are the most popular.

I will post a little about that change in a future post.

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