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Happy New Year on Waikiki starts early

... May 2024 be a great one!

My last night at Waikiki was Dec. 29, but I had no idea that the New Year's Eve celebration started on Friday and went through Sunday. While I have never been in Times Square for the dropping of the ball, this was a joy.

The streets were packed with people who were joyous as they looked forward to the next year. And, then the fireworks started. I wish that I could say that the photo above is one of mine, but I am not that good. It was from last year or the year before, I think .

The fireworks were awesome over the ocean -- not exactly, but close. They were right near the beach, and when I figure out how to download my photos of that beach, you will understand.

I am grateful that this Christmas was so much better than last. Last year was my second-worst Christmas because I had a cough that I could not shake. That rarely happens, but this year, we have none of that. Long trip to Hawaii, but it was worth it.

In fact, if the rainbow is a fore cursor for 2024, things could be great.

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