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(Dr.) Kathy Phillips' memories of Lilly

Bikes were often the major means of transportation at that time, and I often rode my bike up town and remember trying to get up the hill by the Sportsman’s and flying down the other side as fast as I could to avoid encountering a car!

Going to the movie on Friday night was a treasured activity. Everyone would spill out and gather in the playground afterwards.

The snowball fights in the wintertime were classic!

Hanging out on the corner and sitting on the bank steps was almost a right of passage!

And Linda Albarano's front porch on Cleveland Street was one of the most active and busy porches in town!

Frank's two lane bowling alley was also a great gathering place and allowed so many of us to acquire bowling skills at such a young age. I suspect many of us still have a love for bowling today because of the experiences at Frank's.

And if we weren't downtown in the summertime, we'd be at the War Memorial field participating in all activities available for all age groups. I remember going to watch my dad play softball in the men's league.

There were always so many things to do! The availability of girls sports, especially softball, opened a door that got me playing softball for over 40 years!!

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