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Dec. 2021: Time for gratitude narratives, including stories about families, successful individuals

The Brisini Family, circa 1925 -- names and story will be included on Christmas Day

… return to some journalism

During the past year, I have wanted to return to some of the journalistic aspects of my life that involved telling stories. Nothing is better than reading about the success stories of people regardless of what they have accomplished in life.

I was also concerned about the challenges of life during the pandemic, and I want to feature people who had to deal with that, from teachers to principals to parents to students.

So, starting this week, I will look at some families and individuals whom I have known somewhat during my life. One family has intrigued me for years, and with one of the granddaughters, I have been able to piece together a story about the Brisini family who grew up on Scanlan Hill a few miles outside my hometown of Lilly.

The first of those stories will be posted on Christmas Day.

Hopefully, these will be interesting for many, some of whom have known them and for others who never did.

These stories will go on for perhaps a month, if possible, depending on the response that I receive. Some of these are old friends, some acquaintances, some former students, and others are people whom I did not know previously.

I have found that the most popular items on my blogs were those who had to do with people who have done interesting things in life and have accomplished a great deal.

So, we will begin those stories this week.

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