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A very belated Happy Birthday from the Lilly Raiders to a special lady

This was taken on Geri (Lyle) Lazar's birthday

… Oct. 22, 2023

When I was going through photos of the 2023 Lilly Raiders Football Champions Reunion, we made a very serious omission.

October 22, 2023, was the birthday of a wife of one of the players, but she is also a person who has added so much to the last two reunions. She had mentioned when we first set the date that it was her birthday, but it slipped by me.

So, let me tell you what Geri (Lytle) has brought to our reunions. First, he brought he wonderful husband who played for the Raiders and culminated his career with an undefeated season in 1967.

Second, after being the only wife at the first reunion in 2021, she suggested that she could add some life to them with some gags. And Geri has been very successful.

This year, the focus was on candy bars, tying the bars to the players. She is very creative in that way, and it was a great way to break the ice since we had players from 1964, 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1972. All five championship seasons.

Last year, she asked me to give her some of the players who were especially great in different areas. We did that, too, and honored players in a special way. They also broke the ice since these were entirely unexpected. Many of the players commended Geri for her creativity and kindness, so we wanted to thank her for that.

Finally, Geri asked her sister, Cindy (Lytle) Snowberger, who is in this kind of business, to design some hats for us. She did, that they have been beautiful. I want to thank Cindy in a separate post, since she did this for nothing.

So, belated happy birthday, Geri! We did not forget, but as we age, the dates sometimes run together. Your contribution to the Raider Reunions have been appreciated very much.

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