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A tough year for reading, writing, and blogging

… but 2023 will be better

To say that 2022 was a tough year may have been an understatement — in certain areas.

In others, it was great, such as development of this website.

The negatives included my reading and blogging. Generally, I am able to complete my reading lists to a great extent. This year, I continued reading, but certainly not at the level that I desire. Summer and fall were not good.

The fortunate part is that many of my students were reading books that I needed to complete in order to help them. That led me to ones like “Frankenstein,” which I had never encountered in any of my previous 75 years.

However, I have so many books on my shelf right now that I had listed on previous reading goals. These will continue, but I will work harder to reach those goals. Not a New Year’s resolution, just determination.

As for the blogging, my numbers dropped off precipitously. I had a few popular stories, but not a consistent writing of these. Having this on Six has not been productive.

Almost 500,000 pageviews

Before I was summarily relegated to the woodshed by Blogspot, for a reason that I have never heard, I had close to 480.000 page-views. Many of these people were from foreign lands like Russia and Italy. About 15 percent of them were, but I need to work on improving that on Wix.

Anyway, I am starting to be a little more consistent and writing a blog post every day.

I miss writing my Community of Matthew blogs about religion and my sports stuff, though I am not that interested in sports any longer. Still complain about the Steelers — but not motivated to write much.

The website has improved since it is now primarily a marketing tool instead of just a blog. We shall see if that will become positive in 2023.

Will also return to some positive features over the holidays. Started a few earlier, and now back to the success stories.

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